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What we know about the changing CSOK: the discounted loan for two children has arrived!

The government has already negotiated a Family Home Building Discount last week, and plans to extend the discount to allow two-childers to get a $ 10 million home loan.

Specifically, children with two children can apply for the $ 10 million, 3% discount home loan and families with three children are entitled to a $ 15 million home loan instead of 10.

The change will be introduced this year. According to the amendments, families with two children can save HUF 2.6-2.7 million compared to market interest rate mortgages.

What’s affected by the change


1 child is not affected by the change, 2 children can apply for a $ 10 million loan, and 3 children can apply for up to $ 15 million after the change.

It’s important to emphasize

  • “That the eligibility for a concessional home loan to CSOK will increase, not the amount of the grant, and the amount of the loan will increase. All this applies only to newly built properties. ”We quoted the expert’s explanation

Let’s take a look at what this means with the market rate mortgages on the market today:

The conditions of the example are: 10 million HUF loan, 20 million real estate value, for 20 years, with a fixed repayment and 400 thousand HUF monthly active income with a bank connection.

The HUF 400,000 is the basic income

The HUF 400,000 is the basic income

Twice the average salary that the two main earners bring home, and the creditor bank goes to income and has an active bank relationship.

It is clear from the above that the preferential CSOK loan can save families of 11 thousand HUF a month. Over the entire term, this represents a saving of HUF 2.6-2.7 million compared to current market loans.

All in all, for families with 2 and 3 children

All in all, for families with 2 and 3 children

The new CSOK, which is undergoing change, provides better conditions for a new home.

All the information about a new family home improvement discount and home loans are available in one place upon request. We answer individual cases, explore the most important practical issues, and help adjust to the new CSOK.

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